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An introduction to Film Production.

  • From 30 US dollars

Service Description

This is a crash course on Set Life, film production, terminology, department names, positions, crew responsibilities, the set and production schedule and what everything means.  ​ Understanding the way a set functions and who does what, and why is imperative. If you are looking to be your own producer, then you need to know what you are talking about, who you are hiring, what equipment does what and belongs to what department. As well as familiarizing yourself with industry standard rules and set protocol. Walkie etiquette, Lunch rules, Covid rules, Departments heads as apposed to assistants. Who you are supposed to ask to do what and why... If you want to work with people that know what they are doing you at least have to know a few things about what you are doing. Your team needs to trust you, The Producer is the last house on the block. Everything falls on them.  A production team that has no idea how to organize and run a set can be the downfall of a beautiful idea, and a happy and talented crew. It can also create behind the scene problems like missing details that halt shooting and cost a lot of money, for nothing.   ​ Video Conferencing is also available, Reach out to set up a Video Meeting.

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