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If you are new to the world of media creation and have questions about the world of production, you can hire us as a production consultant. We will be your on call teacher and production support for whatever you and your project needs. We educate, guide, and support new filmmakers and content creators through the jungle of film production. We are every department all in one. 


We can tell you where to begin, what you're in for, and help you get a plan started. We can help you polish a pitch, a script, or a game plan.  We can give you an idea of what it will cost to make your project, and put together a media packet to get you funded.  We can help you build a budget, work with a budget you already have, and give you creative ideas about tweaking script or technical applications to save money. We can help you build schedules, manage Crew, Vendors, Locations, Contracts, Pre Production, and make decisions about day to day set functioning. We are decades of practical application and experience, on call, just for you. 


The entertainment industry is built on many things. Ideas, money, talent, faith, teamwork, trust, and a lot of hard work!!!!!


Trusting your team is a huge part of success, and hiring the right person, makes trust a cake walk. Getting the right advice is only the beginning. Acting on advice and putting one foot in front of the other is the meat and potatoes. Knowing what to do, where to start, and where to head, turns walking into flying. Preparation, process, and action, equals success. We are a life coach for filmmakers, and filmmaking.

These consultations are like having a professional producer on your team, only, without the price tag attached!  


There is a saying that goes like this - "Those that can't do, teach...."


Well, we do both! And we do them, very, very well.

Let us help you fly...




This is a crash course on Set Life, film production, terminology, department names, positions, crew responsibilities, the set and production schedule and what everything means. 

Understanding the way a set functions and who does what, and why is imperative. If you are looking to be your own producer, then you need to know what you are talking about, who you are hiring, what equipment does what and belongs to what department. As well as familiarizing yourself with industry standard rules and set protocol. Walkie etiquette, Lunch rules, Covid rules, Departments heads as apposed to assistants. Who you are supposed to ask to do what and why... If you want to work with people that know what they are doing you at least have to know a few things about what you are doing. Your team needs to trust you, The Producer is the last house on the block. Everything falls on them. 


A production team that has no idea how to organize and run a set can be the downfall of a beautiful idea, and a happy and talented crew. It can also create behind the scene problems like missing details that halt shooting and cost a lot of money, for nothing.  

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Questions answered, plans made....


This is an hour where we talk about your project, and together, we design a plan of action. We help you understand process, and give you a timeline so you can "see" a project map. Organize priorities, source vendors, and coordinate any and all set needs. Pre Production is where you prepare for the worst, set yourself up for the best and build a game plan so your shoot and your wrap are productive and profitable. 

"Fix it in Post" Is something you can't afford. Fix it in Pre Pro!!!!


There's a difference between a page turner, and a page burner. Scripts can be tricky. They can be tricky to write, tricky to read, and they can be tricky to pull off the page and into real life. Especially if you are writing your story with no production consideration, or experience. Three seconds of film can take a week to prepare, 200 people, two days to rehearse, and a whole day to shoot...  There is no disputing that creativity begins on the page, and perhaps even a little beforehand, in the mind of the writer... But I assure you, creativity, and money, go hand in hand. And the creativity at the core of film and media making, from page to stage, is in production. The business of producing, and polishing creative... If you have a script and you're looking for funding, or, you have a pocket full of cash and are headed out the door to shoot it yourself. There are a few things you should know before you start printing copies and mailing them to Netflix, or tying up your shoelaces to head off with a camera...

Time is money, and like a casting director watches audition tapes, so do investors, and companies, looking to fund our industry read, watch, and listen to pitches. This consultation is to talk about your script, a script that's waiting for its next chapter, in real life. We can help you understand the business of your script, and help you polish it into not only an amazing story, but one that also has its production considerations rationally budgeted.

Let's get your pitch polished! Hire a Script Doctor!!


What's a 1st AD?

The1st Assistant Director is one of the most important positions on any set, as far as functionality goes.. Commonly referred to as the "AD" or, "the 1st" The 1st AD is responsible for all crew movements, talent movement, equipment movements, call times, budget, safety, city, state, and federal guidelines. Labor laws for crew, Adult Talent, Minors, both union and non union. Set management, and of course, making a shoot schedule. There are also 2nd AD's, 2nd 2nd AD's, 3rd AD's and so on... Each one has a different responsibility while also belonging to an overall departmental responsibility... That being said, they all report to the 1st AD...


The AD is also heavily involved in pre production, outlining difficulties, flagging time and budget issues, safety issues, and finding solutions for any and all problems, before they arise. They also solve any and all problems that may occur on set while shooting, in collaboration with the producer.

It's an "Above the line" position, and an invaluable one when it comes to preparation, management, and content delivery for complex or multi faceted shoots.  A professional1st AD understands your script and creative needs forensically. Department structure, position needs and responsibilities. They understand equipment needs and functions, both creatively, and technically. Production needs, budgetary restrictions, location limitations, talent restrictions etc  The AD turns all that information into a shoot schedule. AKA a structure that breaks down the entire set life into second by second instruction and direction. An AD turns chaos into order, they sail the boat, and are the ships captain. If the ship is sinking, it's usually either the AD's fault, or the producers fault.  These two positions are the end of the line as far as responsibility goes. These two positions are supposed to have all the answers, all the time, period. They are the truth teller, the puzzle master, the motivator, and the conductor of the orchestra that is on set film making. 


You have a script, and you are looking to find investors, "Executive Producer" You are going to need a pitch, and no, your script is not enough. Or, maybe it is? But the stats are not in your favor. Business meets art... More often than not, Investors are creative with money, this is why they are investors. But "Selling" a story is not sold through words on a script page alone. Creating a visual and emotional window into your film is essential while asking people to financially invest in your film. Especially if the financial investment has a lot of zeros....

This is an hour long meeting to discuss the visual soup that will accompany your script. A press packet, a media packet, a creative deck... We will discuss what should be in YOUR packet. Each story is personal and needs personal detail. We discuss what answers Investors need, what questions they will ask, what they are looking for, and secret sauce that inspires, motivates and gets Investors excited! You need them to be invested emotionally and visually. Emotional investment and excitement inspires financial investment. 


Perhaps you have a question, perhaps you have a lot of questions, perhaps your curiosity spans a few different arenas, or is a combination of a lot of things... This is a time you can choose to talk about whatever you want. 

Reach out and let us know what's cookin. We are here to help artists be creative and find answers, solutions and tools to create. No question is "stupid" and we invite you to question, be curious, investigate and create!

Say hello, and let's get you and your story cookin!


If you have any questions or curiosities, please feel free to reach out and say hello! There are no silly questions, or problems. There is only exploration, discovery, reinvention, imagination, curiosity, and participation. 

We are collaborators, production partners, & problem solvers. We create and help you create.