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Service Description

There's a difference between a page turner, and a page burner. Scripts can be tricky. They can be tricky to write, tricky to read, and they can be tricky to pull off the page and into real life. Especially if you are writing your story with no production consideration, or experience. Three seconds of film can take a week to prepare, two days to rehearse, and a whole day to shoot... There is no disputing that creativity begins on the page, and perhaps even a little beforehand, in the mind of the writer... But I assure you, creativity, and money, go hand in hand. And the creativity at the core of film and media making, is in production. The business of producing creative. If you have a script and you're looking for funding, or, you just want to get it made. There are a few things you should know before you start printing copies and mailing them to Netflix. Or you start thinking about moving forward into production, period. If you're looking for funding, then you should have a media packet, and not just a script. If you're looking to make it yourself, then you should have a script that can be made, beautifully, as written. And with the budget you can afford... This consultation is to talk about your script, a script that's waiting for its next chapter, in real life. If you are looking to get your project funded, then we can help you build a media packet that's a visual deck to the behind the scenes of your script. You need to "Show" people what the script looks like, in parts, and pieces, and in a way that makes them want to see the project come to life. And in a way that makes them want to give you money to make it. Another subfile to the media deck, is the script itself. How much will this script cost to make, as written? It doesn't matter where the money comes from, it doesn't change the price. And production of any kind, costs money. We can help you understand the business of your script, and help you polish it into not only an amazing story, but one that also has its production considerations rationally budgeted. Let's get your pitch polished! If you have any questions about your consultation, please reach out and ask.

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Cancelling a consultation or crew booking less than 48hrs prior to appointment will disqualify client from refund. Cancellation policy for studio is within 72hrs of scheduled shoot date, and per rental agreement. Please refer to rental agreement for all studio rental terms, and conditions.

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