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Intro into what film investors need and want. Get Investors investing!

  • From 30 US dollars

Service Description

You have a script, and you are looking to find investors, "Executive Producer" You are going to need a pitch, and no, your script is not enough. Or, maybe it is? But the stats are not in your favor. Business meets art... More often than not, Investors are creative with money, this is why they are investors. But "Selling" a story is not sold through words on a script page alone. Creating a visual and emotional window into your film is essential while asking people to financially invest in your film. Especially if the financial investment has a lot of zeros.... This is an hour long meeting to discuss the visual soup that will accompany your script. A press packet, a media packet, a creative deck... We will discuss what should be in YOUR packet. Each story is personal and needs personal detail. We discuss what answers Investors need, what questions they will ask, what they are looking for, and secret sauce that inspires, motivates and gets Investors excited! You need them to be invested emotionally and visually. Emotional investment and excitement inspires financial investment.

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