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1st AD - Shooting Scheduling - 101

  • From 30 US dollars

Service Description

The1st Assistant Director is one of the most important positions on any set, as far as functionality goes.. Commonly referred to as the "AD" or, "the 1st" The 1st AD is responsible for all crew movements, talent movement, equipment movements, call times, budget, safety, city, state, and federal guidelines. Labor laws for crew, Adult Talent, Minors, both union and non union. Set management, and of course, making a shoot schedule. There are also 2nd AD's, 2nd 2nd AD's, 3rd AD's and so on... Each one has a different responsibility while also belonging to an overall departmental responsibility... That being said, they all report to the 1st AD... The AD is also heavily involved in pre production, outlining difficulties, flagging time and budget issues, safety issues, and finding solutions for any and all problems, before they arise. They also solve any and all problems that may occur on set while shooting, in collaboration with the producer. It's an "Above the line" position, and an invaluable one when it comes to preparation, management, and content delivery for complex or multi faceted shoots. A professional1st AD understands your script and creative needs forensically. Department structure, position needs and responsibilities. They understand equipment needs and functions, both creatively, and technically. Production needs, budgetary restrictions, location limitations, talent restrictions etc The AD turns all that information into a shoot schedule. AKA a structure that breaks down the entire set life into second by second instruction and direction. An AD turns chaos into order, they sail the boat, and are the ships captain. If the ship is sinking, it's usually either the AD's fault, or the producers fault. These two positions are the end of the line as far as responsibility goes. These two positions are supposed to have all the answers, all the time, period. They are the truth teller, the puzzle master, the motivator, and the conductor of the orchestra that is on set film making.

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