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We are a company that deals with actors and actresses every single day. From casting to auditions, through bookings, and fittings, all the way through shooting. We also deal with agents, managers and casting directors. So we see a lot of headshots, sometimes hundreds and hundreds of them, just for one job. And what we see is a lot of is the same kind of headshots. We see photo's of heads, but no humans. When you book a session with out photographers, you book a personalized photo shoot, so a photoshoot designed to capture you. You will get a free 1hr Consultation with our photographer to discuss what characters you get called in for, what your "look" is, and decide on the right colors, hair styles, and feel for your shoot. We go through your closet together, virtually, and decide what wardrobe to bring and give you a list of things need to prep. We are with you every step of the way. 


When we book actors through headshots, we book the face of someone we need to meet, someone we need to know more about. We book a look, and a feeling.


Actors create characters, we take photo's of the creator, not the character.