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Dream Beings has a vast network of options to acquire equipment rentals for little projects, large projects, and all the in between. We work with rental houses, and, owner operators. Depending on the jobs budget and creative requirements, we can source equipment, trucks, drivers, and crew.


Please contact us with any questions you may have. We can also consult with you on what equipment you may need for the creative you are looking to shoot.  

Below is a list of some of the equipment we have, in house: Our list is constantly being updated, so  please reach out about specific equipment, rental rates, or, choose from one of our packages in the "Browse Packages" button below...

 ( * )  - NOT included in any package. Add on only.


  • 2 x  LED Lighting Panels w/ gels

  • 2 x Beauty dish w Daylight bulb

  • 3 x OctaBella Softboxes (28")

  • 3 x Diffuser Panels

  • 3 x Daylight LED Bulbs (60W)

  • 1 x Boom Arm (27-51")

  • 3 x 8X8in LED Panel - W Barn doors

  • 3 x 8X8in Magnetic Gels - Daylight - Tungsten - Diffusion

  • 1 x Profoto D1 500 Monolight - Strobe

  • 1 x Profoto Umbrella W diffusion

  • 1 x FNV HDR-300 LED Ringlight

  • 3 x C-Stands

  • 11 x Photo Stands, Various sizes

  • 1 x Impact Pro Backdrop Support Kit (12.9' Width)

  • 15 x Sandbags

  • 1 x 40lb Clamp Weight

  • 4 x 15ft  - 15amp White Extension Cords

  • 2 x 25ft  - 15amp Black Extension cords - Triple Outlet

  • 2 x Commercial Grade 8 Outlet Power Strip - Individually controlled

  • 1 x DSLR Slider - SML

  • Extra gobo heads - Extra Arms

  • Canon Camera mounted Fash Systems - Remote

  • 1 x Savage 40x60" Translucent Reflector

  • 40x60" Gold Reflector

  • 40x60" Silver Reflector

  • 40x60" Black Reflector

  • 40x60" White 

  • 1 x Foldable V-Flat Bounce Board, Black/White

  • 2in White Gaffers Tape Roll

  • Apple box - Family




  • Jiffy Steamer

  • Z-Racks

  • Hangers

  • Sewing Machine - Cotton and Needles NOT provided

  • 3 x 6ft Folding Tables

  • 4 X Red CocaCola Stools

  • 4 X Green Vintage Swivel Chairs

(Production Insurance Required.)


  • * Canon EOS 7D - Body​

  • * Canon EOS R - Mirrorless - Body

  • * Blackmagic Cinema Camera Body

  • * Vintage 35mm Minolta

  • * Vintage 35mm Canon

  • * Vintage 6mm Film camera


(Production Insurance Required.)

EF Mount

  • Rokinon - Cine lens - 35

  • * Rokinon - Cine lens - 85

  • * Canon 10 - 21mm

  • * Canon 35m

  • * Canon 50m

  • * Canon 125m

RF Mount

  • * Canon 24 - 70m

(Production Insurance Required.)


  • * Blackmagic cage - Shoulder Rig

  • * Barn Doors - Shoulder Rig

  • * HD On Camera Monitor - 7in

  • Manfrotto Tripod With rotating head

  • Manfrotto Monopod

  • * Ben Q Monitor - 27inch


  • Autopole - Adjustable Seamless backdrop system

  • Seamless Paper - Various sizes - Ask about color availability - Studio can also order rolls of seamless for your shoot - 5 day lead time is needed. Studio can also order rolls of seamless for your shoot - 3 day lead time is needed for special orders. Messenger fees may be added.

  • 3D printed - Vintage Theatre curtain backdrop

  • 2 - 5 X 10 - Fire engine red Theatre Curtains

  • 6 - White curtains - Gray Curtains - Various colors and textures available

  • 2 x 4x8 faux Brick sheets

  • 1 x 4x8 Plexi Glass sheet - Smoke

  • 1 x 2x4 Plexi Glass sheet - Clear

  • 2 x 4x8 Foam Core 

  • 4 x Wall Jacks



  • Milwaukee Drill - Drill bits - Various

  • Black and Decker Jigsaw

  • Hammers

  • Screwdrivers

  • Wood Glue

  • Paint - Brushes - Rollers - Drop Cloths

  • Shop Vac

  • Wrenches

  • Vice Grips

  • C Clamps




Dream Beings has a variety of odds, ends, sauce and sides. Color pops, texture pops, and frame filler. below are some of our decor options for dressing your story. Reach out and let us know what category you are looking for. Store, home, hospital...

We also work closely with Set designers who own Prop Houses. We can source you any prop you need. We also have close relationships to fabricators, should you need to build a 40ft UFO, or a train car that spins.  

Detailed Props list with prices coming soon!!!

Reach Out With Any Questions.

  • 2 X Green Bankers Lamps

  • Vintage Trays - Silver - Gold 

  • Hand Painted Trays

  • Votive Candle Holders

  • Mirrors

  • Throw Blankets

  • Floor Lamps

  • Glasswear

  • Rugs

  • Vinyl Records

  • Pillows

  • Wood Blinds

Green Bankers Lamp, studio film equipment rental in NY rent brooklyn space for events
Green Bankers Lamp, studio film equipment rental in NY rent brooklyn space for events


Finding the perfect vehicle for your creative can be tough. We have relationships with Picture car companies, and vehicle owners of all kinds, 4 wheels, 2 wheels, and 1 wheel. Vintage, New, Running, and otherwise. 

Cars usually come with an owner or operator. Representative usually stay's with the production the entire day, and depending on make and model. There may be operational tutoring needed before actors, or crew, can operate the vehicle. Long distance driving, stunt driving, car mounts, or rigging should be declared in your the inquiry.  


Over the years we have had fun working with all sorts of creatures, in all sorts of environments. Working with nature is an extraordinary experience, especially in the world of filmmaking. 

If your creative includes, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Lizards, Lions, Bats, Koala's, or even House Flies, there are some things you should know. 

Sure, you can use your best friend Scruffy in your shoot, after all he's so chill at home, and he loves people! Well, bringing Scruffy into a working film environment can turn him from chill, to terrified, in about 30 seconds. And making Scruffy jump on the couch, on cue, might prove to be impossible, even if he loves being on the couch at home. 

Domesticated pets, and working animals, are very, very different.

Temperament is only one part of working with creatures. There's also a lot of rules of practice, and they change with every Species.Temperature controlled environments, time allocations for a certain species to become acclimated to sound, light, and movement. Natural sleep and feed times. Behavioral capabilities, and training times. Choreography and blocking procedures. And the most important aspect, safety. Safety on set, in all departments, is key. And it doesn't change when dealing with creatures that are not of the human kind. 

The care, handling, and environment of all creatures is important. Just as the environment for a crew, or an actor, is important, and changes, depending on the shoot. So is the creative working world of creatures. 

Reach out if your script, or creative, includes any of the above, and you need to understand what you are in for. Or, if you have creature curiosities and are looking to find animal handlers. Let us know, and we will help you with what you need.



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Dream Beings INC a beautiful loft style photo studio in Brooklyn. We offer Lighting, Grip, Props, Photo and Video equipment, seamless backdrops, decor and more. photo studio rental in Brooklyn, NY.  pre set coffee and water station. A Private Makeup and wardrobe room.  Book a headshot session, model lookbooks, studio space for events and parties. Book a consultation with a film producer. Learn filmmaking. No film school needed. How do I write a script. How do I make my movie. How do I find crew for my film. 

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