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Dream Beings INC is a production company owned and operated by Samantha Light

- ( Me, I'm the one at the keyboard, typing. Hello ;)

We do business with people, not algorithms.

Great questions!

I do many things, but they all pertain to the business and creative process of visual storytelling. I am a Writer, Director, Photographer, Producer, and 1st Assistant Director. I create visual content, and also help others create and produce theirs.


Why should you trust me? You shouldn't trust anyone just because they tell you to. You should trust someone because they have a proven record of delivering what is promised. And only promising what can be delivered.

A little about my professional career thus far...


I have been working professionally in the entertainment and advertising industry for over 25yrs, and I have been on sets and only sets for the last 18 of them. Over the years I have worked in almost all departments, including GE, Art, and even working as a Production Assistant, many, many, many, moons ago. I bounced around, working in front of the camera, behind the camera, on the front lines, and behind the scenes. Eventually landing here and running a production company of my own. I have been blessed to work with thousands of people, on thousands of jobs, gaining experience and a film family that runs deep along the way.  I swim in an ocean with some of the best creative and technical talent in the world. I feel honored to work beside them, create with them, and call them family. I have worked thousands of days, and thousands of hours over the years to climb up the trust pole and carve out a life, a reputation, and a skill set that is something I cherish and try to feed, everyday.


I am in love with storytelling, the creative process, discovery and invention. 

Working in this industry at any level is an adventure. But working in this industry at a professional level, and being trusted with a crew of 200 people, A budget in the millions, Multiple Sets, Stunts, SFX, Animals, Babies, Reptiles, Zombies, Car Chases, Fire, Love Scenes, The Famous, The Almost Famous, The used To Be Famous, And the Unknown walking into greatness, well, that's a totally different ball game.


To be a successful filmmaker at a professional level, in any department, means doing a lot of things. That includes "failing". Knowing what not to do next time. Learning, perseverance, adaptability, and a forensic attention to detail. To become proficient at the highest level, you need to do this for years, and years, and years... Do it under varied circumstances, environments, personalities, budgets, and catastrophes. Working on all kinds of sets in all kinds of conditions and budgetary restrictions is the only way to build an honest, reliable, toolbox.  I am not only paid to create visuals, I am paid to tell the truth, anticipate problems, and have solutions for everything. I am paid to see the future, the past, and the present, of any and all productions, and at google speed.


You can't know the options for solutions if you have never met the "problem".

I work heavily in the Film, Series TV, and commercial world both here in NY, and Los Angeles. I also travel out of the country following the story wherever it lives. I work as a Director, Photographer, Producer, 1st Assistant Director, and film consultant. 

Over the years I have worked with Big budgets, Macro Budgets, Indie Run And Gun, Interview Set Ups, Stills, Motion, Social, Video Game SFX Shoots, Drones, Process Trailers, Weapons. Film, TV, Music Video, Print, Commercial, Promo, and even Live Events. These all have completely different needs, energies, creative personalities, laws, regulations, and production, talent, crew, and technical requirements. I have worked with some of the best and some of the most insane, frantic, disorganized companies in the world. 

I also work to create concepts and visuals for film and advertising. Actor reels, online and social media, print, and promo's. I work with global names and brands, as well as people I meet in the street.

For those that work in the industry, for those that know nothing, and for those that are scattered in between. I am a friend, a soldier, a cleaner, fixer, creator, and, I am really, really, really good at my job. I am a rolodex of resources, contacts, knowledge and experience. I am in love with what I do, and constantly inspired by the artists I am creating with. I live, work, and play, in the world of make believe. 

Dream Beings INC is in its bone marrow, a creative resource. A company designed around creating visual stories, and helping other people bring their creative dreams into reality. 








My life is spent on set, happily. And I am surrounded by filmmakers, actors, artists, technicians and an array of humans and equipment that live where I live, on set. When I am shooting on location, and we are around what we in the industry call "Civilians" I am constantly asked questions by the filmmakers in the crowd. They see the trucks, the movement, the people and the production taking over city blocks as our team bring in the movie crew. And I am constantly asked...


"How do I get you to make my movie? -  I have a script, who do I send it to? - What kind of camera is that? - What kind of camera should I use? What's the difference between non union and union? How do I find crew? How much does it cost to make a movie? Where did you get this equipment? How do I find a pony for my shoot? How do I get a job in Production?" .........

The common theme here is... How do I know what you know, so I can carve out my own path in the the world of visual storytelling?

This has inspired me to create the consultation part of my company, and share the wealth...

You can book a meeting with me to discuss your creation, ask questions, get answers, make a plan, and let's make a movie!

First thing's first, congratulations! 


Going to film school is a wonderful idea. Knowledge and learning is a lifelong addiction of mine and I applaud any and all scholastic endeavors. That being said, you don't have to go to film school to learn how to make movies.  And, conversely, just because you went to film school doesn't mean you know how to make movies. I have met many a fool with a fist full of diploma's. 

I Digress...

Some people think they need to go to film school to learn how to make films. If you want to go to film school, and can afford to go to film school, by all means, go to film school. But you don't have to go to film school to learn how to make movies. Some of the greatest filmmakers in history never went to any school. They just made films, made mistakes, had successes, and made more films.  The way you learn how to make films, is by making films. 


Some people are not in a position to attend film school, or to pay for film school. Others are not built for institutional learning.  I would put myself in the latter category.


I learn by doing, and one on one investigation. I learn faster, and it feels more profitable psychologically and creatively to me. I have worked with crew and creatives that come from both worlds with regard to "schooling"  And here are some takeaway's... 

Learning how to shoot something with school equipment on school property with students in a controlled environment is one way to learn the art of filmmaking. But don't trick yourself into thinking that because you did something at school, you are just as capable in the professional world in an unfamiliar environment, with ever changing variables, and collaborators. It's not always a question of capabilities, but moreover, pacing, production process, and stress levels. A working set can be a whirlwind of energy, movement, and complications. Someone with no experience in that environment can become very overwhelmed, very quickly. And they can also become a liability to themselves, and the production because of it. 


Just as a Doctor must do a residency, live, with real humans, in a real world stress environment. So must a film school student, or film school graduate, become proficient in the application of their craft in the context of a professional working film production. A university film study environment can only teach you so much. School and the professional world of film production, are very, very different. The Military run practice drills all the time, but a drill is no war.

You may have gone to school to become a Director of Photography, a Director, or...


And now, a graduate, armed with your script, you are going to take what you learned in school to the set. And you are going to shoot or direct your film. Using vintage lenses and diopters on a remote head a couple of times, or talking to actors about subtext while directing your thesis film are all informative experiences. But these experiences alone do not teach you how to run a film production, or become a filmmaker. And the edit room can be a heavy hitter in the fight you are going to have with what you wanted to capture, and what you actually captured.  Many a story is lost in mismanagement, ego, and a failure of process.

This is a creative industry, but it is also a business, a big one. Money is the name of most games. Creativity comes at a cost, a financial cost, and a human energy cost. The concept, all the way through to delivery is a creative process. It's a juggling act, and if you drop the ball, literally everything can be lost. 

Let's talk about creativity...

School, although profitable, can also paralyze creativity. Even when the school is specifically designed to teach you the skills needed to create. I have found some Film School students unwittingly block their blessings. Unable to adapt or color outside the lines of what they learned in school. Sometimes to the point of being paralyzed, unable to even follow through with what they do know, let alone find creative solutions to achieve the same visuals, but in a different way. There is a difference between a technician, and an artist. The best of the best, are usually both.

If you are meant for this world, you will learn, grow, and flourish. You will savor opportunities, investigation and preparation. You will work with the best, so as to be your very best. 

The most talented people I know, are the most generous with their wisdom. 

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